“I have always believed that public libraries should be safe spaces, accessible to all”

Published Monday, 1st March 2021

​​​​​​​“My name is Khanittha, but I am also known as Pink. I manage Worcester Park and Cheam Libraries.” 

“I have always believed that public libraries should be safe spaces, accessible to people of all different backgrounds and ages, and I believe that Sutton Libraries accomplish that. 

Since working here, I have seen how important the libraries are to our residents; not only for the books we provide, but also the space to read and study, the IT facilities and the sense of community. 

Pink recording a virtual Rhymetime session

Our home library service delivers books to residents who are unable to visit in person, and we organise groups and events for people of all ages. Community groups are also able to host their activities such as bridge clubs and knitting clubs. All of these services keep Sutton libraries at the heart of the community.

It brings me such joy when I’m able to help a customer with something they are struggling with, be it getting back into books or printing off that important document. I recently helped a customer who was finding it difficult to use the computer to complete a job application. I helped them upload their CV with all the required attachments in time. Later, they came back to thank me for helping them and deliver the good news that they were successful in getting the job! 

Over the next 12 months I hope to help develop the library service by contributing to the services and content we provide – and to carry on making Sutton libraries the best for our residents.”

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