London coronavirus cases by borough revealed as infections fall in 14 areas


ourteen boroughs saw a fall in Covid-19 cases, according to the latest weekly figures, further fuelling hopes that the second wave in London may now be peaking.

The biggest drop was in Richmond of 20.2 per cent in the week to January 7, followed by Sutton 16.3 per cent, Merton 13.1 per cent, Kingston 12.1 per cent, Havering 11.9 per cent and Sutton 11.3 per cent.

A growing number of areas outside affluent south west London are also seeing falls, with confirmed cases down 6.3 per cent in Tower Hamlets, 5.5 per cent in Barnet, 5.2 per cent in Redbridge, 3.8 per cent in Hackney and the City of London, 2.8 per cent in Harrow, with smaller declines in Bexley, Enfield and Wandsworth.

Eighteen boroughs, though, still saw increases in cases, with the biggest in Ealing at 21.3 per cent, followed by Lambeth 13 per cent, Southwark 12.5 per cent and Brent 11.3 per cent.

All the other boroughs saw rises in single digits.

However, the figures have been particularly volatile over the Christmas and New Year period and may rise tomorrow in more areas, before possibly steadying again.

The seven-day Covid-19 rate dipped in the week to January 7 to 1,004.5 per 100,000 people in the capital, down from 1010.3 the previous day, and 1,116 on January 4 when there were 100,013 confirmed cases in that week.

The seven-day rate for people aged 60 and over, who are more likely to be hard hit by the virus, is still at a very concerning 869.4, compared to 1,031.1 for individuals below this age.

There were 5,919 admissions of Covid patients to London hospitals in the week to January 10th, with many of them struggling to cope with the huge surge in the number of people with the disease that they are treating.

There were 7,606 coronavirus patients in the city’s hospitals as of January 12, with 1,085 so ill that they are on ventilators.

The level of disease in the capital is also still very high,  with 15 boroughs having seven-day rates of more than 1,000 including Barking and Dagenham at 1,540.1, Newham 1,398.6 and Redbridge 1,348.2.

A rise in cases tends to lead to more hospitalisations two or three weeks later.

But the health service is under extraordinary pressure with the number of Covid-19 patients in hospital in England at a record 32,202 as of 8am on Tuesday – up 22 per cent on a week ago, and 82 per cent since Christmas Day.

Separate figures published by the UK’s statistics agencies for deaths where Covid-19 has been mentioned on the death certificate, together with additional data on deaths that have occurred in recent days, show there have now been 99,000 deaths involving Covid-19 in the UK.

The full London figures show that in Richmond there were 1041 cases in the week to January 7, down 263 (20.2%) with a rate of 525.7, Sutton 3051 cases, down 596 (16.3%) with a rate of 918, Merton 1832 cases, down 276 (13.1%) with a rate of 887, Kingston 1248 cases, down 172 (12.1%) with a rate of 703.1, Havering 2922 cases, down 395 (11.9%) with a rate of 1,125.8, Sutton 1964 cases, down 249 (11.3%) with a rate of 951.8, Tower Hamlets 3718 cases, down 249 (6.3%) with a rate of 1,144.9, Barnet 3778 cases, down 221 (5.5%) wth a rate of 954.4, Redbridge 4115 cases, down 224 (5.2%) with a rate of 1,348.2, Hackney and City of London 2556 cases, down 100 (3.8%) with a rate of 878.8, Harrow 2303 cases, down 66 (2.8%) with a rate of 916.9, Bexley 2916 cases, down 33 (1.1%) with a rate of 1,174.4, Enfield 4017 cases, down 34 (0.8%) with a rate of 1,203.4, and Wandsworth 2497 cases, down 14 (0.6%) with a rate of 757.4.

Camden saw 1767 cases, up seven (0.4%) with a rate of 654.4, Barking and Dagenham 3279 cases, up 19 (0.6%) with a rate of 1,540.1, Westminster 1500 cases, up 20 (1.4%) with a rate of 574, Hammersmith and Fulham 1374 cases, up 26 (1.9%) with a rate of 742.1, Haringey 2803 cases, up 75 (2.7%) with a rate of 1,043.4, Islington 1930 cases, up 63 (3.4%) with a rate of 796, Greenwich 3102 cases, up 106 (3.5%) with a rate of 1,077.3, Newham 4939 cases, up 217 (4.6%) with a rate of 1,398.6, Waltham Forest 3167 cases, up 148 (4.9%) with a rate of 1,143.4, Lewisham 3134 cases, up 151 (5.1%) with a rate of 1,024.7, Croydon 4179 cases, up 253 (6.4%) with a rate of 1,080.7, Kensington and Chelsea 1027 cases, up 75 (7.9%) with a rate of 657.8, Hounslow 3097 cases, up 254 (8.9%) with a rate of 1,140.6, Hillingdon 3179 cases, up 284 (9.8%) with a rate of 1,035.9, Brent 3548 cases, up 361 (11.3%) with a rate of 1,075.9, Southwark 3212 cases, up 357 (12.5%) with a rate of 1,007.4, Lambeth 3140 cases, up 361 (13%) with a rate of 963.1, and Ealing 3689 cases, up 647 (21.3%) with a rate of 1,079.3.

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