Man ‘gets trapped’ in South London Southern Rail station as he tells TikTok ‘I’m sleeping here’

A man appears to have become trapped inside a South London train station late at night after apparently discovering all the shutters down and gates locked. TikTok user OhNoAmin posted a video on Sunday, May 12, showing that he was apparently stuck inside a locked Wallington station.

The video appears to be taken late at night, and seems like it was beyond the time of the last train to stop at Wallington station which usually comes in around midnight. However, Southern Rail has said they believe the station was still open based on when they think the video was shot, despite the shutters and gates seeming locked, with the last train departing 50 minutes later.

In the video, Amin says: “The only option is to sleep here. I can’t jump over [the fence]. I’m sleeping here today, I’m having breakfast here. There is no hope.”

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The video has a jokey tone and his next video, posted the same day, seems to show that he managed to escape his National Rail-shaped prison. In fact, it shows him in another station playing Tropical by SL on the piano.

“I’m sleeping in the cold and I have a t-shirt,” Amin said: “There is no hope at all, I’m sleeping here.”

True to the name of his TikTok account, Amin adds: “This is actually an ‘oh no’ situation, but I have to charge it.”

The video has amassed over 254,000 views on TikTok with over 25,400 likes. One commenter said: “No jacket is wild”, and another chimed in saying: “How did my man get trapped at Wallington?” Both comments were filled with laughing emojis.

Wallington Station
The man said he was trapped in the station after it was locked
(Image: Google Maps)

One commenter gave him some useful advice: “Climb over the gate at the end G, I’ve seen you do it before.”

Southern Rail has commented on the incident. A spokesperson said: “At the time the film was taken the station was still in operation, with the last train departing around 50 minutes later and at least one side gate open. As we’ve not heard any further reports, we suggest the person was mistaken and found the way out shortly afterwards. However, we’re sorry if there was any inconvenience.”

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