Our Budget: “It’s a humbling privilege to be part of these young adults’ journeys”

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Published Sunday, 21st February 2021

“My name is Lisa Sancho and I am a Transition worker. My team and I work with young adults with a learning disability aged 18 to 25 years old.”

“We help them to prepare for adulthood and to develop their independent life skills within their home and the community. We work very closely with their parents and professionals in education and health to help the young adults achieve their aspirations in education, employment, housing and life skills.

A recent highlight has been seeing one of my clients develop his cooking skills. We set him the objective to cook a simple meal with support from his personal assistant. This required following a visual recipe, writing a shopping list, going to his local supermarket to buy the ingredients, preparing the meal and cleaning up after himself.

8 weeks later, he’s following recipes from Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Mary Berry, and cooks for his mum every Tuesday evening. 

lisa transition food

He continues to thrive and develop his independent life skills with support from his personal assistant. I’m so proud of him!

It’s a humbling privilege to be part of these young adults’ journeys. They all have the potential to develop their independence – for some this means accessing community support while others may achieve paid employment. Every step made in enhancing their independence is a huge milestone.”

More than 70% of our budget goes towards caring for Sutton’s vulnerable adults and children. Following COVID, more people are needing our help, while the cost of services is increasing. 

Find out how we plan to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months.

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