Premier League Football

Premier League Football

Premier League Packages

The new football season has just started and we’ve got some exciting news for all football fans, especially those that love going to the stadium to support their team! We’ve got some amazing new premium packages for upcoming games that you’d be crazy to miss.

These packages include a premium seat and lounge access, and some also include food, complimentary drinks, and a match programme. We’ve got tickets for games featuring top teams such as Manchester City, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and more.

Please note that tickets are selling fast and many dates have limited availability but make sure to check back on the match you’re looking for, as availability is being topped up regularly.


£195 & up – Manchester United vs Liverpool, 22 Aug

Ends August 17th

£300 – Liverpool vs Newcastle United, 31 August


Ends August 26th

£234 & up – Manchester United vs Leeds, 18 Sep


Ends September 12th

£167 – Arsenal vs Everton, 11 September


Ends September 6th

£200 & up – Manchester United vs Arsenal, 4 Sep


Ends August 30th

£153.50 & up – Spurs vs Wolves, 20 August


Ends August 15th

£162 & up – Spurs vs Fulham, 3 September


Ends August 29th

£180 – Leeds vs Chelsea, 21 August


Ends August 15th

£534 – Chelsea vs Liverpool, 18 September


Ends September 14th

£367 – Liverpool vs Wolverhampton, 10 September


Ends September 5th

£200 – Leeds vs Nottingham, 12 September


Ends September 6th

£267 – Chelsea vs West Ham, 4 September


Ends August 30th

£167 – Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur, 10 September


Ends September 5th

£154 – Leeds vs Everton, 30 August

Ends August 24th

£214 – Chelsea vs Leicester, 27 August


Ends August 21st