Residents and campaigners call for the Beddington’s incinerator to be closed.


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Figures from a recent Environment Agency report suggest that the Bedington’s incinerator who serve Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Kingston is three times more polluting than similar plants operated by the company Viridor.

Despite the findings of the Company and the Environmental Agency More rubbish will be incinerated each year, the Company Viridor had been given the permission by the Environment Agency to treat more polluting rubbish, which is burning them.

The four boroughs in the south London who share the waste Partnership and the commissioners of the Beddington’s incinerator declared a climate emergency and set targets to be carbon neutral, in about 10 years.

Comparing to the Runcorn Cheshire incinerator which produced two-thirds less CO2 despite treating more waste.

The Beddington incinerator produces some electricity though, but does  compare to others badly. Coal or gaz-fuelled electricity produces less CO2 per unit than Beddington incinerator does.

However Sutton and Croydon are recycling more waste.

At the start during the development project the incinerator was sold to the public as it was the best environmental solution for the waste treatment.

The Environmental Agency granted the request to increase the incinerator capacity by 50 00 tones of waste which today burns up to 347000 tones by year. The residents and campaigners feel cheated because the decision to increase the capacity was done by the Agency with no consultation with any councillor.

Carrying on is not an option for angry residents and campaigners.




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