Street art brightens up Wallington

Wallington Bridge Street Art
The artwork at Wallington Bridge

Published Tuesday, 10th November 2020

The new work was created by Lionel Stanhope.

Last week residents and visitors to Wallington will have seen the new street art, commissioned by Sutton Council, under the railway bridge, brightening up the local area.  

The new ‘Wallington’ artwork, was created by artist Lionel Stanhope of Scenic Art Services, who has painted similar murals all across London.

Councillors on the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee were keen to bring Lionel’s much loved artwork to Wallington. The artwork provides a connection to the other murals in London, while brightening up the town centre.

Councillor Steve Cook, Chair of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee said:

“I’m really pleased to have this fantastic artwork by Wallington Station. I had seen this happening at a number of southeast London locations and I am pleased that the feedback we’ve had from residents is that most of them agree that it was a great idea giving a nice boost to the area.”

The artwork was funded through Sutton Council’s Public Realm Funding Programme, which seeks to make a range of improvements to the physical environment of the borough. If residents would like to propose an idea for their local area, they can contact their Ward Councillors or email

The Wallington mural is the third in the borough, joining the mural of a steam train, which Lionel created on the railway bridge in Sutton in May 2020 and another in Worcester Park.

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