Sutton Young Carers lead the way for Young Carers Action Day

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Published Tuesday, 16th March 2021

To mark Young Carers Action Day on March 16th, two local young carers stepped up to make their voices heard, and ensure no young carer feels alone.

Over the past year carers across Sutton have been hugely impacted by the pandemic. The carer community have continued to step up to support those they have caring responsibilities for, whilst also adapting to updated Covid-19 guidance and restrictions. Despite these challenges, many carers, in particular young carers have remained resilient, resourceful and inspiring. 

When Sutton young carer Finley Taheny was aged only 10 years old, he took action in his primary school by delivering an insightful and moving assembly alongside his Support Worker, Julia Kerr.

Finley bravely spoke up in front of his peers to say: “I am a young carer and never want another child to go through the loneliness that I have”. 

Finley, now aged 11 at John Fisher School, was honoured as this year’s recipient of the ‘Outstanding Young Person’ award at Sutton Community Awards 2020. He has continued his mission to highlight the issues faced by young carers, fighting for the platform for their voices to be heard. As the face of the newly relaunched Young Carers Ambassadors Programme at Sutton Carers Centre, he hopes that more young carers will come forward to speak to those in power, campaign for change and take action. He also hopes to help build a peer support group for those young carers feeling most alone, like he once was.

Another amazing young carer in Sutton, Lilly Smith, aged 15. Lilly was being supported by Sutton Carers Centre just before the pandemic hit. During lockdown, Lilly wrote a song, and then came forward to perform it live online to her peers. The powerful lyrics resonated heavily with the other young carers. Lilly decided that this Young Carers Action Day, Sutton Carers Centre could release ‘Lilly’s Song’ more widely to support other young carers and to help them realise that they are not alone. 

Shukri Mohamed, Young Carers Service Manager at Sutton Carers Centre, said: 

This is a crucial time for young carers, young people who are proud, but may not be enjoying carefree childhoods because they are looking after a parent or sibling who is ill or disabled. COVID-19 has hit hard and some young carers may even spend more hours caring than studying. They may be worried, isolated, their mental health and wellbeing suffering. Finley and Lilly want this to change and for no young carer to be hidden away. Sutton’s communities have come together during the pandemic, so please let’s all pledge to take action for young carers now. 

The London Borough of Sutton’s Carers’ Champions, Councillor Marlene Heron and Councillor Chris Williams, said:

“Collectively, we pledge to take action for young carers in Sutton. We value young carers’ voices and will work to ensure that they are heard at the highest level in Sutton. We also pledge to recognise and respect young carers’ experiences and will use this to inform the ambitious work of the Council. As a council, we need to do our best to support young carers’ futures by promoting the opportunities that will help every young carer achieve their goals and aspirations.”

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