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Just an Easter thought that needs to be shared that some of you may find very beneficial for you and your family.

Today is the first day of Spring, the season of spring is a time for new beginnings, new life and new tomorrows.

Out with the old and in with the new (removing clutter followed by a lick of paint) was a mission undertaken by people the whole world over when the great spring clean took place. It is all well and good that the home be in ship shape order and tip top condition with the new facelift – but what about you.
How about this Easter be focused on keeping you and your family in tip top condition.

Afternoon Tea to celebrate Spring!Spring

Now the house has a new image after the service of fresh linen – mopped floor and polished furniture then now it is time to service your self.
Health farms and beauticians can make your Easter extra special by giving you the (it takes 2 factor) Number 1 is the feel good factor and number 2 is the look good factor. Both of these factors combined are with out doubt a sure way of finding the real inner you.

Health at Easter time can be a major concern for those looking to stay prim and trim should they over indulge with the intake of their Easter fix of chocolate easter eggs. Obesity in children should not be encouraged by to many of these easter goodies.

The fragrant aroma fills the air from the cherry pink blossom – in spring. The smell of the fresh cut grass lingers aloft also – in spring. Then we have seasonal baby lambs and yellow fluffy chicks hatching in great numbers again also – in spring. So why don`t you spring into action this easter and take control over your health.

Spring Wreath for Front Door!


Out with the old (remove waste body toxins) and in with the new (inner feeling of health) by taking up yoga this Easter. Yoga is normally performed to music compilations made up of nature sounds but why – when at springtime you can exercise to the real thing.
On a fine day – take you and the kids out into the garden or Local Park and introduce them to a little gentle exercise showing them what they need to know on body awareness. Preferably the park – the reason for this is you may also gain interest from the public who may just want become aware too.

Assorted 12/18/24 Chocolate Gift Box






This could be the start of a new craze at Easter where you get the both of both worlds. Chocolate eggs and bunnies can be eaten with no feeling of guilt because you get to shed the excess pounds all at the same time.

You will find the children involved with your new easter trend will not only have taken their first steps in gaining a more healthier out look on life but furthered there education on the birds and the bees so as to speak. In other words they can tell you what bird whistles the happy tune and name the flower that sways in time with the gentle spring breeze air as you exercise.
Your health and that of your family should be first and foremost in your mind. Because new tomorrows can only bring sorrows if health matters are ignored.

What’s On In Sutton Team.